- Company name : Seiwa-Pro Co., Ltd.

- Representative of corporation :Tadashi Okuda

- Foundation : March 27, 1991

- Capital : \100,000,000

- Number of employees : 122 employees (including part-time workers 57)

- Description of business : Wholesaling of household goods, Chemical cleaning of piping

- Annual sales turnover : 5,400 million yen (based on a statement of 09/2 term)


Our leading-edge technology and achievement

We have established a firm position as a wholesaler of household goods in the industry for years. While we have steadily expanded our business performance, we entered Chemical cleaning business in 2001. Since then, we have been enjoying our current status to lead in pipe cleaning industry in the world. We are proud of our performance of cleaning toilets of aircrafts of a large number of airlines. Our technology is known as "On-ship Chemical Cleaning Method" which is so innovative and effective.

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